Recover an iPhone Stuck or Hung In DFU Recovery mode from iTunes

If your iPhone gets stuck in iTunes DFU Recovery mode  – possibly due to trying to upgrade a jailbroken iPhone to a regular  iTunes iOS upgrade (which you can’t do),  there are a couple of tools to get it out of recovery mode DFU.

Get the latest Redsn0w   — Mac OSX redsn0w 0.9.10b6b  or  Windows redsn0w 0.9.10b6b

Before you try the tools its worth a try a manual try on the iPhone – hold the power button for 15 secs – then boot by holding the home button – if that doesn’t work try the below.

– Quit iTunes

– Launch redsn0w and click on Extras



– Connect the iPhone

– Click on Recovery Fix

recovery mode iphone dfu


– Connect the iPhone and follow the remainder of  the onscreen instructions.


Another tool with an exit recovery dfu mode is Tiny Umbrella

– Quit iTunes

– Connect the iPhone

– Launch Tiny Umbrella and click on either ‘Exit’ or ‘Fix’ recovery

tiny umbrella fix recovery dfu mode


To upgrade an previously jailbroken IPhone to iOS 5 and preserve existing baseband check here.

  • newby

    What to do if ‘Exploit failed.’ appears?

  • Isaac VanHaverbeke

    All I get when going through RedSn0w is “The connected device doesn’t support untethered options.”

  • Vig Vishal

    i m doing above using redsnow but give me error ipsw extraction failure

  • Laksanth_bv

    Hi Neil,

    I had Jail broken & upgraded to ios5.1. Everything was working fine. For some reason i tried to restore using iTunes standard restore option & ended up in Recovery mode. Tried to get out of recovery mode… phone started but keeps flashing & kind of keeps restarting… not sure what’s happening.

    Now when i try to custom restore it gives me a 3194 error. Any help please?