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This site is a technical reference for various things including OSX, WordPress, Drupal, SEO, Web Hosting, CSS and other tech like gems - the site is for my reference and yours – there is nothing like finding the right solution that works. The site is aimed at any level of complexity just containing random technical obstacles and observations that I like to document and refer back to – so I hope that you might benefit too. Most of the articles are kept up to date and tested when software updates happen.

I am a bit of an Apple fanboy with an interest in Web Development, WordPress, CSS and SEO, I work at a digital agency managing numerous websites.

The site was spread across 3 content management systems, WordPress, Drupal and Joomla, but is now consolidated to WordPress using the Genesis Framework.

All of the guides are genuine and ones that I use when needed. As well as search the site has a combined RSS feed and there is a sign up subscription which will send out periodic emails when content is updated, don’t worry no spam or selling.

The site is maintained with almost zero adverts, if you find a solution that saves you time feel free to buy me a beer via the PayPal donate button in the sidebar.

I don’t purport to really have the best tutorials on the Planet, the sites name is what it is, it started off as a tongue in cheek project but now has evolved over the years and no doubt will change again,

Anyway I hope you find whatever it is that will solve your dilemma.